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What Does It Cost To Replace A Roof

In Florida most roofs are replaced every 15-20 years on average. So questions on roof cost is an understanding homeowner request since they don’t often replace their roof. Roof prices vary within Florida from city to city.

Cost for new roof
Factors in determining new roof cost
The cost to replace a roof varies due to a number of factors such as pitch or steepness of roof, roof difficulty or multiple peaks and valleys, additional layers of old roofing to be removed or unknown factors such as wood needing replaced which most times cannot be determined until roofing material is removed.
Additional factors to roof cost
Replacing skylights which should be impact glass on Florida’s east coast.
Chimney flashing’s replaced.
Extra ventilation such as solar exhaust fan.
Better quality of roof material or upgrade.
Better or longer warranties by roof material manufacture.
Metal or tile can cost much more than shingles to replace.
High pitch or high sloped roof that roof materials can not be stack requiring hand loading up ladders.
The accessible to the roof with dumpsters, trucks or loading machinery.

Roof types pricing
Roof shingles on central Florida’s east coast average around $300-$325 a square, tile $400-$500 a square and metal $500-$600 a square.
Determining roof size is by a square which is the standard unit of measurement used by roof contractors and suppliers to determine material and labor cost. A roof square is 10’ x 10’ area of roof or 100 square feet. Many homeowners make the mistake of determining their roof size by the living area of their house. However porches, garages, roof overhangs and pitch all add to the number of squares a house requires. Plus there is the average 10% waste factor caused by cutting material for valleys, hips and edges. Once the number of squares are determined then multiplying that to the pricing of the roof material desired and this will give a roof total cost. Asphalt shingles is usually the most affordable roofing option.
Choosing the right contractor
Roofing is a dangerous, dirty and demanding trade that requires a professional roof contractor. Therefore consider all aspects of the contractor and the roof proposal. Did they provide proof of insurances both general liability and workers compensation, copy of their licenses, product brochures or information, was warranties and described work clearly stated in their quote?
A roof contractor should be “good” in all areas of roofing including: skill, experience, communication, reliability, references and more. Homeowners should never feel intimated by pressure tactics of unscrupulous contractors who cultivate a bad reputation for the roof industry. Many roof contractors are good, honest and hard working business owners who care about providing a quality service and product. These high caliber individuals want to meet the homeowners roof needs knowing future referrals or none-referrals come from a homeowners roof experience using their services. The lowest price is not always the best choice. They could be low for reasons not revealed until after it is too late such as untrained or unskilled employees, unlicensed or inadequate insurance coverage or using inferior materials. The right decision will be based on a number of factors including but not limited to pricing, materials used, experience, reputation and maybe most important your comfortability with the contractor. Having a new roof replaced does not have to be difficult if the homeowner does their due diligence in acquiring the right contractor for their new roof.
-Michael Smith