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Ten Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make

Ten Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make. A successful home renovation or roof project is dependent upon finding a reputable, reliable and competent contractor. The homework and due diligence is the responsibility of the homeowner. Doing the necessary research before signing home improvement contract is key to finding the right contractor and avoiding a nightmare experience. Unfortunately, many homeowners simply don’t bother and end up in a nightmare they never imagined. As a contractor I have seen over the years what homeowners have experienced by unethical contractors and those posing as one can do.

The Homeowner:

1. Doesn’t bother to check the remodeling or building contractor’s license status at all, if just to verify that the contractor has one and that it is in good standing. See Myflorida.com to verify.


2. Assumes that just because a building contractor is licensed in Florida that they will be ethical, will abide by the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) laws that govern the state of Florida contractors.


3. Does not get references. Most homeowners will not take the time to do one of the most practical and easy courses of action they can do, ask prior customers.


4. Has an uncomfortable feeling “a bad sense” about the contractor but ignores it and hires the contractor because they want to get going with their project or feel pressured. Never act under pressure tactics.


5. Does not make list of questions to ask before and after proposal interview to determine scope of work included.


6. Doesn’t verify that the contractor has all the necessary insurance coverage such as Workman’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance by contacting the companies to confirm coverage.


7. Does not ask if “Release of Lien” by contractor will be given upon final payment.


8. Assumes the oral agreements made when discussing the project will be part of the contract performed when anything not written in the contract is considered to be a change order requiring additional charge.


9. Gives the contractor a large sum of money up front to begin the project.


10. Contractor asks for homeowner to acquire permit. Gives excuse why they cannot get permit.


If homeowners would seek to eliminate these ten mistakes they would save themselves much headache and frustration before, during and after any roof or renovation project. A little preparedness can make any homeowners remodel project an adventure as they watch their home transformed to what they had envisioned. Happy contracting.

by Michael Smith


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