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Stop Roof Water Leaks Even With Ponding Water Sitting On The Roof


This homeowner did not want to remove roof for whatever reason and elected to have Certified Roofing and Renovations install a product that we represent. The product works so well we became certified with the company. The pictures show a ponded area of water sitting on roof. Most flat roofs in Florida has such ponds of water. Majority of products on the market for homeowners sold at local home improvement stores will not hold up under ponding water. Their product will curl up and loose adhesion to the roof. The leak will reoccur leaving the homeowner with facing the water leak all over again or worse removing the existing roof after spending large sum of money for a product not designed for ponding water. We can permanently stop water leaks on flat roofs and provide a warranty. There is no reason for homeowners to continue to endure water leaking into the home due to a flat roof with our product.



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