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Solar Roof Exhaust Vents

 We Install Solar Attic Vents.

Solar Roof Exhaust Vents can reduce the ambient temperature in your attic by helping to vent away the heat that builds up during the hot months of the year. You are bound to find a large selection of attic fans, available in several sizes that are all designed to o the same thing, help the air in your attic vent properly, dissipate the heat, and in the warm months, keep you house cooler!

 Why Choose Lomanco® Solar Power Vents?

Solar powered fans have a solar panel to power a DC motor during daylights hours. This gives the fan the ability to provide high-capacity powered ventilation without electric costs.


Solar Cool Can Save Thousands!

Powered by the sun, Solar-Cool’s Commercial Heavy Duty Cooling System silently exhausts attic heat. Sun-up to sun-down! When considering energy savings alone, a solar attic fan will pay for itself. In addition extending the roof life of shingles saving early replacement cost.

High Attic Temperatures.

Temperatures experienced in many Florida homes in the summer causes shingles roofs to deteriorate prematurely. Passive ventilation fails to decrease temperatures adequately to make a difference. Using powered ventilation is necessary to effectively reduce attic temperatures and increase shingle roof life. Solar powered roof exhaust vents provide this cooling solution with its cost savings of having its own power source.



Cooler attics allow for more usable attic storage space above garage areas and more.

Cooler attics lower air condition energy cost. Air conditioning ducts are poorly insulated and are strewn throughout the attic exposing the ducts to extreme attic temperatures.

Solar powered ventilation is magnified in many Florida homes that have inadequate insulation in their attics or old and in need of replacing.

Cooler attics also allow the existing air conditioning equipment to more effectively cool the house. The burden on equipment is reduced increasing longer life.

Choosing the right SOLAR ATTIC EXHAUST FAN is paramount.

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