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by: Agung pambudi

The solar PV is the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using semiconductor panels. It is a very attractive technology, which presents compelling future prospects. The solar PV now suffers from its relatively high cost and low yields (about 10%).
In addition, electricity must either be consumed immediately or stored in batteries or sold on the network. Economically, solar photovoltaic justified in remote locations with high sunlight (African village, mountain hut).
Some countries like Germany and Japan have chosen to heavily subsidize the sector of solar photovoltaic and buy the electricity produced in this way 3 or 4 times more expensive than “normal” price, allowing these facilities to be profitable over a long period (about 20 years). France has not made this choice, which confines the facility uses solar photovoltaic marginal (power remote sites), activists, and prestige.Solar photovoltaic operationA PV system connected to the network is completely independent of a facility’s electrical system housing. It allows the resale of the entire production to the EDF network.

A photovoltaic system consists of modules, solar, each made up of photovoltaic cells. These generators convert solar energy directly into electricity (DC).

Power is expressed in Watt peak (Wp), a unit that defines the electrical power available at the generator terminals in optimum light conditions.

An inverter converts DC electricity, AC and 220V at 50Hz. This current becomes compatible with the national network and enables to sell the entire electricity to EDF.

Using photovoltaic reduce greenhouse gas emission in atmosphere. As we know that greenhouse gases influences to global warming. It will increase temperature in environment because the heat from the earth can’t flow out to the space. Its greenhouse gases prevent its flow. Global warming will effect on the disaster. For instance, increasing the temperature will melt the polar ice. Therefore, water sea level will increase. Let’s use solar energy to save the earth.