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Certified Quality Roofing included a warranty assuring the homeowner future roof leak free worries.

Certified Quality Roofing is a Brevard roofing contractor that was called out for this architectural shingle roof repair. Architectural shingles are also known as laminated or dimensional shingles. There are some roofing options for a shingle roof leak repair in architectural shingles by a roofing contractor. This typical architectural shingle roof leak where a valley directs water into a stucco entry way wall is a common repair made by Certified Quality Roofing.  We often find that the flashing was never sealed properly or not sealed at all by the previous roofing contractor and eventual shingle roof leak occurred from shingle valley water gushing against the entry wall. Though the design is bad this roof leak in architectural shingles can still be repaired by a quality roofing contractor. Past attempts had been made to stop the shingle roof leak evident by tar along wall in attached images. Once we removed the materials over the shingle roof leak area the damaged wood decking was visible to remove and replace. The drywall ceiling inside the garage was being damaged from this roof leak also and required additional repair. We removed the rotten plywood on both sides of the valley and installed new plywood decking. We installed a Polyglass underlayment and then installed Silver Birch architectural shingles by Certainteed shingle manufacture. Certified Quality Roofing a certified roofing contractor included a architectural shingles roof leak warranty assuring the homeowner of leak free future free of worries. Our years of experience in roof leak repairs gives us an advantage over our competition. Certified Quality Roofing is a roofing contractor offers warranties our second to none.


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