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Roof and Stucco Water Damage From This Roof leak causing entry door way stucco to pop off.

Water Damaged Stucco From Roof

Roof and Stucco Water Damage. In this image water was getting behind the stucco and causing the stucco to break off. The roof flashing is directing the roof water away from stucco wall. However in the overhang soffit clearly visible is water stains from a long term leak. The source of this leak is along the flashing and shingles at the roof wall and not the end of the flashing. Shingles were never sealed with flashing cement on metal flashing properly allowing for water to get underneath the shingles and behind the stucco. Water entered behind soffit area and ran along stucco wrapped beam causing wire lathe and fasteners to rust and eventually the stucco with nothing to hold it fastened to beam began to pop off. Certified Quality Roofing determined the course of action was to remove all damaged stucco and damaged wood. Replace the wood, wire lathe and stucco the beam. Also to remove shingles along stucco wall the source of the leak and seal flashing with flashing cement and install  back with new matching shingles. Fascia and stucco joint should be seal in addition to the above procedures. Once shingles are sealed, stucco replaced and painted the source of water damage should be corrected.


MIchael Smith