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Port Orange Condominium New Roof Replacement

Certainteed Resawn Shake shingles were used to replace the roofs on these Port Orange Condominium New Roofs. The Certainteed Pro’s have more definition giving a more shake look appearance. Roofs were 10/12 pitch and many with 2 layers. However we at Certified Roofing and Renovations are qualified by Certainteed as master shingle applicators and know what is required for roofs with dead valleys in the middle of them. Where we installed Certainteed Flintlastic self-adhered base and cap system. Notice also how straight the shingle rows are and the ridge which has Certainteed 12″ unfiltered ridge vent. We also used Certainteed swift starter shingles for first row and Certainteed hip and ridge for ridge caps. Our system of removing shingles on condominiums protects surrounding plants and landscape. Quick and efficient removal and reinstall of Certainteed Resawn Shake shingles keeps Certified Roofing and Renovations in the forefront in two and three story buildings such as Port Orange Condominium New Roofs.

Certainteed Ridge vent takes ridge ventilation to a new level of performance, CertainTeed® Ridge Vent installs on the peak of the roof, allowing exhaust ventilation along the entire ridge, end-to-end. With a 12″ width, matching shingles can be installed over the vent, allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. https://www.certainteed.com/residential-roofing/products/certainteed-ridge-vent-12-unfiltered/

Certainteed Landmark Pro Resawn Shake shingles is CertainTeed’s tried-and-true architectural laminate roofing shingle. Designed to replicate the appearance of cedar shake roofing, Landmark is available in an impressive array of colors that compliment any trim, stucco or siding. https://www.certainteed.com/residential-roofing/products/landmark/





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