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Every state can vary on what features can achieve insurance credits or discounts of existing structures. As an example, Florida has at 5 key categories that can be achieved during a roof replacement or renovation, described below:

  1. Roof Covering: In todays market wind lift of anywhere from 130 to 150 mph can be achieved with either shingle, tile or metal. New codes since 2007 require roof products and installation to meet such higher wind demands. Roofs installed before 2007 do not meet these requirements.
  2.  Roof Deck Attachment: Nail size, type, spacing, and penetration depth into the truss or rafters determines the uplift resistance of the deck. The difference in uplift capacity of 8d nails at a typical nail spacing and 6d nails at the same spacing is a factor of about two times stronger, which makes a significant difference in deck performance in hurricanes.
  3. Roof to Wall Attachment: Are trusses attached with nails or hurricane clips or straps? Straps that are wrapped over truss on both sides have double the capacity of a single strap or clip. Straps give the best insurance discounts of all wall to roof fastners.
  4. Secondary Water Barrier: Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) is a layer of protection that protects the building if the roof covering of metal, shingles or tile fails. This self-adhering underlayment is generically known as Peel N Stick and is a rubber-like product applied directly to a roof deck to prevent damage after loss of roof covering.
  5. Opening Protection: Openings are vulnerable to impact by wind-borne debris in hurricanes and other windstorms. Skylights and sun tunnels are now recognized as openings such as exterior wall windows.

The homeowner can elect to get additional insurance discounts by having Certified Roofing and Renovations install wall to roof connectors that wrap over trusses either through soffit/overhang or through roof decking when roof is being replaced. The insurance carriers will give additional discounts if the truss clips installed when home was built are replaced or new straps wrapped over the truss. We also can install or replace dome sun tunnels with hurricane impact or skylights with hurricane impact in any new or existing roof for further discounts.

The potential insurance cost-savings per year could easily outweigh the roof or renovation cost especially if you live in a coastal region.

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